Call for Submissions!

Dear Pittsburgh is a short documentary in production that needs community participation to succeed! The upcoming Mayoral election presents an opportunity for you to share what you love about the city, and what you want to see the new mayor accomplish. Our finished short documentary will feature some submissions, and we will also post submissions here on the website.

Our production team is looking for short letters that showcase your favorite neighborhood, landmark, event, etc in Pittsburgh, while also telling the new Mayor what is important to YOU as a constituent.

Submission guidelines:

  • 1 page, single spaced
  • Respectful language
  • Submit to by Friday April 19, 2013

Feel free to e-mail with any questions about the project!

Sample letter:

Dear Pittsburgh,

Our love has been a long and complicated road.   We met at birth, but I had eyes for other cities, I could not see your beauty.  After spending some time with some others – Boston, New York, and London, I came back to you and fell hard and quick for some striking characteristics that I did not see in other cities and had not seen before. Now, it’s 2013 and a new Mayor is on the way. I’m reflecting on the things I love and some things that still need to change.

I love your libraries.  Beautiful.  Varied.  Accessible. Your yellow bridges, staircases that lead to nowhere, and plentiful pierogie spots are divine. I love how “green” you are and try to be — training tree tenders, offering beautiful parks, and healing empty lots with sunflowers.

My deepest adoration, though, is how creative you are. And you let everyone jump in — at AIR on the Northside, Filmmakers Theaters, and through the generosity of Sprout. You make me feel like I can do anything — so remember that you can, too. With the help of a new mayor, you can keep leading the way on sustainability, make transit stronger, and keep community spaces safe and available to all.

Pittsburgh — please grow, but don’t forget your roots. And to our new mayor, please follow suit.


DearPGH Production Team


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